Configuration files
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etc	2020 roy niang <>



This is repository is tracking my configurations files. I used to run rsync to sychronize them over my differents machines (I don’t quite see the point in tracking them), but now I’m using got to checkout my configurations files in "$HOME"/etc. Then I run a script to install my different configurations files. That’s it.

More informations about my workstations on my wiki:


$ ./
    ./etc [options]

    -c        Create base hiearchy.
    -b        Install scripts in /home/royniang/bin.

    -f        Install fvwm configurations.
    -g        Setup gitconfig.
    -k        Install ksh configurations.
    -a        Install aerc configurations.
    -v        Install vim configurations.
    -x        Install various xresources files.


List of softwares

  • OS: OpenBSD 6.8 -current
  • Shell: ksh, rc
  • Terminal emulator: Konsole,
  • DE: LXQt
  • WM: FVWM, OpenBox, wmutils
  • File Manager: nnn, PCManFM-Qt
  • Music player: audacious with the Winamp Classic skin
  • Browsers
    • Web: Qutebrowser
    • Gemini/Gopher: Lagrange
  • Mail client: aerc, Trojita
  • Text editors
    • Normal Human Editor: GVim (Athena or GTK2), sam
    • $EDITOR: sam -d
    • $VISUAL: vim
  • Discord: Ripcord through a virtual machine.
  • Fontconfig:
    • sans-serif: Inter
    • monospace: Input Mono
    • serif: Editorial New
    • stack: Noto CJK